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Choosing a Good Table Saw Extension

Choosing a Good Table Saw Extension

Have you ever been using a table saw, but just did not have enough support or space to accommodate larger workpieces? Well, there is a good solution to your problem, and that comes in the form of a nifty table saw extension.

Why A Table Saw Extension?

A table saw extension can help you out in a few different ways, and they serve several different purposes. Here are some of the most beneficial aspects of getting yourself a table saw extension.

Extra Space & Support

An extension table can extend either the width or the length of your table saw table top.

A width extension is very useful for making cross cuts on longer pieces and for working on wider pieces such as pieces of plywood. A length extension, which can come in the form of an in feed or out feed extension, is useful for working on long pieces and ripping long boards.

The extra support provided helps to keep the wood upright and horizontal, thus preventing it from tipping downwards due to a lack of support. This helps to increase the ease and accuracy at which you can make cuts.

Added Weight

The next beneficial part about a table saw extension is that they help add some weight to your table saw, something that is particularly good if you have a smaller portable table saw. Some extra weight helps to add stability to your table saw, it can help reduce wobble, and it can help reduce excess noise and vibration too.


A lack of support can cause the wood to slump down once it leaves the table space, causing the wood close to you, the part that has not been fed through the blade yet, to tip up.

Instead of using one hand to hold the workpiece in the air, you can use that hand to hold the wood down on the table and feed it through the blade. It helps increase safety by minimizing the need to hold the wood in place, thus keeping your fingers at a safe distance from the blade.


Instead of getting a huge stationary table saw, you can get a smaller table saw and combine that with an extension.

Many table saw extensions can be added or removed in just minutes, thus making your initial table saw much smaller and easier to store and transport.

Moreover, many table saw extensions can slide under the table saw to form a compact package, as well, some of them fold down into a small package, and in both cases this greatly increases the versatility and portability of your table saw.

What To Look For When Buying A Table Saw Extension

Table saw extensions are not all that expensive, but before you go out any buy one you will want to keep a few things in mind. Here are a few things to consider before you make your purchase so that you get a table saw that fits your exact needs.

Your Needs

Of course there are different types of table saw extensions, some of which add to the width of your table, some which increase out feed or in space, as well as those which do multiple of those things. It is up to you to decide where you need the extension to determine what type of extension that you need.

Table Or Simple Extension

Another thing to consider before making your purchase is what type of table saw extension you want. What we mean here is that there are a variety of sizes and attachment methods.

Simple Add On Extensions

There are simple extensions which use sliding bars and a set of bolts or screws to attach to the table top. These are usually lighter in weight, they don’t contain a full table top (only support rails), and they don’t require support legs.

This type is usually the easiest to install, the most compact, is very convenient, and also the least expensive, but they do only provide limited support. This type is quite versatile and ideal for portability’s sake.

Full Table Top Extension

Another choice to go with is an extension that actually has a full table top. This type of extension will generally be a little more expensive due to having more material on it. As well, this type of extension provides a whole lot of support thanks to having a solid table top.

This type of extension needs a more comprehensive attachment system than the previous option, and often needs to be bolted straight onto the table, thus requiring slightly more effort, materials, and tools to attach.

Also, this type of extension tends to be a lot heavier than the previous choice, thus requiring support legs. A full table extension is less portable than the previous choice, is harder to install and remove, and is ideal for more stationary saws, but they do provide a lot of much needed support.

Fully Comprehensive Stand & Extension Combo

The final option you can go with is like a combination between a stand and an extension. This type of extension is usually the most versatile regarding being compatible with a wide array of table saws.

Moreover, this type gives you a whole lot of space extension, and is usually compatible with multiple other extensions, thus allowing you to add both width and length to your table saw, which is in fact the type of extension we have chosen as the number one choice of table saw extension.

This type of extension tends to be a little heavier and bulkier, plus less portable than other extensions. However they add the most support and stability by far. On a side note, this type of extensions also tends to be the most expensive.

Portability Or Support

This is going off of the last section about the different kinds of extensions. The trick here is to decide whether you want a more comprehensive table saw extension that will provide the ultimate in support, but will be a little less portable, or if you want a less comprehensive support system that is going to be a little less supportive, but much more portable. The ideal is to get a nice combination of support, portability, and a decent price too.

Table Saw Compatibility

Yet another thing to keep in mind is that most table saw extensions are built for one specific or a specific set of table saws. You need to buy the right model of table saw extension that will fit your table saw. You can’t but just any extension and hope that it fits the table saw you have.

The Material

Generally speaking, as a good rule of thumb, the more metal your table saw extension is made of the better it is. You want to minimize plastic or rubber components, and ideally there shouldn’t be any of those things. The support legs and rails should definitely be made of metal.

As well, if you get an extension with a full table top, it should also be made of metal, or at least a very durable professional grade laminate. The support system needs to be strong to prevent it from bending or breaking, and in the case that you have a table top, it needs to be as smooth as can be to facilitate a smooth, safe, and accurate cut.

Table Saw Extensions: Reviews

Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand for Smaller Portable Saws Review - 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand for Smaller Portable Saws Review - 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw



  • Adds several feet of width to your table saw
  • Compatible without feed and router extensions.
  • ​Works with many different portable table saws.
  • ​Very strong and durable builds.
  • ​Folds down for easy storage and portability.
  • ​Includes a T-Square fence.
  • ​Easily attach most portable table saws.
  • ​Easy to set up.
  • Provides extra support and stability for various projects.
  • Slightly heavy and bulky.

This is probably one of the very best table saw extensions that we have ever seen. One of the best parts about this item is that it is compatible with a wide variety of smaller portable table saws. Portable table saws such as the DEWALT DWE 7480 and DW 745, the Bosch GTS 1031, the SKIL SPT 70WT-22, and the Makita 2703 will all be able to fit this extension with minimal effort.

All you need to do is place your portable table saw in the frame and then use the micro adjust assembly to quickly, securely, and firmly attach your table saw to the frame of the extension. This is one of the most versatile extensions for a portable table saw that we have ever seen.

A series of easy to adjust clamps and bolts help you attach your portable table saw with minimal effort so you can quickly set it up on the go, plus you can switch the saws that you use with it without too much trouble.

We really like the fact that the frame of this extension table is made out of solid metal so you know that it will last for ages, plus the table tops of the extension are very smooth and facilitate an easy glide for accurate and quick cuts.

This is a very convenient table saw extension, because while it is a full table set up and is fairly large, it is also fairly lightweight, not to mention that it can fold down into a neat little compact package for quick storage and easy transportation.

This thing also includes a fully adjustable T-square fence that clamps down securely on the surface of the table for accurate and fully supported cuts. The fence can be easily adjusted to various positions and enables you to rip bigger pieces with ease.

The Rousseau 2780 Extension provides you with close to four feet of extra width, something that is great for ripping larger pieces, making cross cuts on extra-long pieces, and working on wide pieces such as plywood sheets.

Moreover you can also buy some extra accessories with this table extension. This extension table is compatible with the Model 2720 Out Feed Table, which helps to extend your table saws out feed length by a few feet, something that is great for adding extra support and stability when working on long pieces. This enables you to rip extra-long pieces with ease.

This table extension is also compatible with the Model 2780 Extension table, which extends the width of the table to the left, plus it is also compatible with the Model 2780 – RXT Router Extension Table. The Rousseau 2780 is by far the strongest, most versatile, and simple to use table saw extension that we have ever seen.

It extends the width of your table on the right by a few feet, it folds for easy storage, it works with a vast number of portable table saws, it has a very durable build, and it can even support various other extensions too. This is a comprehensive table saw extension system that will provide you with a portable and versatile work space without a doubt.

DEWALT DW7441 Side and Outfeed Support Review - 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

DEWALT DW7441 Side and Outfeed Support Review - 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw



  • Rugged metal construction.
  • Works as an out feed table and side extension.
  • ​Adds over 2 feet of length and width to your table saw.
  • ​Provides support and stability for long and wide pieces.
  • ​Extends and retracts on demand.
  • ​Easy to attach and detach.
  • Helps to reduce kickback.
  • Only works with the DEWALT DW744 Table Saw.
  • Does not add quite as much support as a proper extension table.

If you have a DEWALT DW744 10 – inch table saw, then this table saw extension is definitely something for you to consider. The specific table saw that this extension is made for is not all that large and does not have much room to accommodate very long or extra-wide pieces, but this extension wing helps to solve that problem with ease.

Perhaps the best part about the DEWALT DW7441 Side and Out Feed Support is that it is very versatile. This extension wing can be attached to both the back end of your table saw to provide you with over two feet of out feed space. This is great to reduce kickback, plus it also adds a support and stability for any workpiece to increase the accuracy and ease at which you can make cuts, something that is useful for ripping extra-long pieces.

This extension table can also be attached to the side of your table saw to provide over two feet of width, which is useful for making cross cuts on long pieces or for working on particularly wide pieces such as sheets of plywood. Either way, the added support and stability provided by this extension wing will definitely make life much easier.

Another thing that is very convenient about this particular extension system is that the attaching rods can easily slide under the table saw, thus allowing you to extend or retract it at a moment’s notice. This is great because it helps add support, weight, and stability to your table, while at the same time allowing for a compact package that remains highly versatile and portable.

Yet another great part about this DEWALT extension wing is that it features a very robust all metal construction, something that everyone can appreciate because it helps make this thing an item that will be able to hand large amounts of weight and will definitely serve you for years to come.

Rousseau 2720 PortaMax 18-Inch by 48-Inch Folding Outfeed Table Review - 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Rousseau 2720 PortaMax 18-Inch by 48-Inch Folding Outfeed Table Review - 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw



  • Made of durable steel.
  • Powder coated build.
  • ​Professional grade laminate table top.
  • ​Aids in kickback prevention.
  • ​Extends your workspace by 45 inches.
  • Folding legs for easy storage and portability.
  • Only compatible with certain Rousseau table saw stands.

One really great option to go with if you are looking for a table saw extension is the Rousseau PortaMax Folding Outfeed Table. If you want to work on longer pieces of wood or other big workpieces, the Rousseau PortaMax definitely makes for a good choice because it will extend the out feed capabilities of your Rousseau table saw by 45 inches, thus giving you the extra stability and support you need to keep the wood straight, level, and to help prevent kickback too.

This particular table saw stand is compatible with several Rousseau table saw stand models including the Rousseau 2790, 2780, 2745, 2775, and 2700-XL table saw stands. Something that we really like about this extension table is that it is made out of high grade materials, most notably it has a solid steel construction that is durable and will last for ages to come.

The steel is powder coated for scratch resistance and extra durability, plus the table top is made of HPL professional grade laminate to ensure a smooth glide.

Furthermore, the leading edge of this table saw extension is just slightly lower than the back end, something which helps to further prevent kickback, something that can be quite dangerous and also decrease the accuracy of your cuts.

Another thing that you will be able to appreciate about this model of table saw extension is that it has folding legs to form a compact package for easy storage and transportation. Simply fold out the legs when you need the extension and fold them back in when it’s time to move.

This is an out feed extension that will let you work on extra-long pieces with increased ease, precision, and safety.

Bosch TS1008 Left Side Support for Table Saw Review - 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Bosch TS1008 Left Side Support for Table Saw Review - 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw



  • Solid aluminium construction.
  • Extends the width of your Bosch saw by one foot.
  • ​Adds support, safety, and stability to your table saw.
  • ​Allows you to work on wider and longer pieces.
  • ​Easily mounted.
  • Retracts for portability.
  • Only works for certain Bosch table saw models.
  • Slightly lower than the table saw surface.

If you have a Bosch 4000, 4100, or GTS1041 table saw, you will definitely want to consider the Bosch TS1008 Left Side Support, especially if you use your table saw a lot and tend to work on fairly large pieces.

This table saw extension wing is a good choice because it works to extend the width of your table saw on the left side by over one foot. This is a very useful thing because it allows you to work on very wide workpieces without having them hanging off of the side of your table saw top.

The extra space, support, and stability provided by this extension wing will help to increase the safety, accuracy, and ease at which you can make cuts. This lets you work on wider pieces such as plywood sheets with increased ease, plus it also helps you make cross cuts on very long pieces without having to worry about precision or safety.

Another thing that makes this extension wing a very convenient choice is because it is very easy to install. All you need is a hex wrench and needle nose pliers to attach this extension to your saw table in mere seconds.

Even better is that the extension bars can be retracted under the table saw top for the ultimate in versatility. When you need the extension, simply pull it out, and when you are done with it, just push it back under the table to form a neat little package which is ideal for storage or transportation.

Furthermore, the aluminum construction of this table saw extension is lightweight and yet still very durable. It’s an extension that you don’t have to worry about regarding bending or breaking under the weight of any piece of wood. If you need a reliable, strong, and useful extension for your Bosch table saw, this is definitely the way to go.

SawStop CNS-07-017 Contractor Saw Cast Iron Extension Wing Review - 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

SawStop CNS-07-017 Contractor Saw Cast Iron Extension Wing Review - 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw



  • Cast iron build.
  • Very smooth table top.
  • ​Easily attaches to the CNS Contractor Saw.
  • ​Increases weight of your saw for stability.
  • ​Extends left of right of your saw by 1 foot.
  • ​Precision ground.
  • Increases the ease of making cross cuts.
  • Requires tools to attach.
  • Only made for the SawStop CNS Contractor Saw.
  • ​Needs modifications to attach to other models.
  • Heavy and fairly immobile.

Another great option for extending the work surface of your table saw is the SawStop Contractor Saw Cast Iron Extension Wing. Now this is not an in feed or out feed extension to help extend the length of your table saw top, but is in fact a side extension to extend the width of your table saw, either to the left or right of your saw table, or even on both sides.

This table saw width extension table is specifically designed for the SawStop CNS Contractor Saw and provides you with lots of space. While this model is only designed for the SawStop Contractor Saw, with a few extra holes drilled, it can also be mounted to several other table saw tops and tables, plus it can also be modified to fit either the left or right side of your saw.

If you need extra support and space for things like plywood and other wider materials, this extension wing is a good choice because it extends the witch of your saw by a whole foot, which means that doing things like cutting wide plywood sheets is made much easier and safer.

Moreover, this extension table is also very convenient for helping you make cross cuts on extra-long pieces as well, because it helps support the underside of the wood so it moves around less and also helps to reduce kickback.

Something that we really like about this model is that it is made of solid cast iron, so you know that it isn’t going to crack or break down after just a short period of time. This thing has also been precision ground to .0001 inches, and the whole top is extra smooth to facilitate and easy glide so you can feed wood through the blade without issue.

This is a useful thing to have, not only because it increases the size of your workspace, but also because it weighs 35 pounds, and thus adds some weight to your overall table saw setup, thus adding stability and reducing noise and vibration through the virtue of making your saw heavier.

This extension does need to be attached directly to the table saw top, thus eliminating the need for support legs, but that also means that it makes for a less portable table saw, because moving the saw means having to detach the extension every time, which can only be done with the use of tools.

Choosing A Good Table Saw Extension – Conclusion

As you can see, there are many different types and models of table saw extensions to choose from, each of which have their own purposes and benefits. The trick is to identify what your problems are and what your needs are. If you have done that you will be able to choose the extension that is right for you, one that is as portable, strong, and supportive as you need it to be.