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Portable Table Saws

Portable Table Saws – Pros and Cons of Having One

Portable Table Saws

For any good handicraft enthusiast, carpenter, or contractor, having a table saw is very handy – especially if you find yourself having a spark and you wish to make something in the comfort of your home or in your work area.

Considering the types of table saws on the market, some would think twice before purchasing a portable or bench-top table saw. This is because they might perceive it to be incapable of doing the same quality of woodwork like the more industrial saws.

Is this thinking right, given the changes in technology today?

A portable table saw or bench-top table saw is a smaller variant of the usual table saw.It can be placed at any bench top, and you can take it almost everywhere without worries. It also promises the same quality of cuts and other features that you get in traditional industrial table saws.

Of course, it has its drawbacks that one must consider, and it is best to find out what exactly the pros and cons are before you decide on having one. It’s not a bad idea to check out the options before selecting one because you will be investing in an item that is going to last you a long time.

Some saws may also not fulfill the needs of your specific work, so you need to know if these saws have what it takes for your needs and fit well where you wish to use them.

Currently, JET is known to provide the best bench-top table saws available in the market that produce best results at cheaper cost. However, there are several other manufacturers that could give you the same quality cuts for your woodwork at efficient costs.

Portable bench-top saws are both light to carry and compact. Unlike the normal table saws, these bench-top table saws can be brought anywhere and you can use them anywhere. This allows you to become more flexible when it comes to your woodwork. These saws make quality cuts in angles you cannot cut easily with a normal table saw.

However, they make your worktable crammed because these table saws can take a lot of space and cutting becomes limited because of less working space. Although with a little sacrifice, you can make cuts that add more depth and art.

Their rip capacity is large and they can cut around 25.5 inches as compared to the more expensive brands.

Portable table saws are actually cheaper. If you are just a beginner in carpentry or one of those who want saws to bring during their next holiday, it is best to check out these table saws as you would be able to carry these saws anywhere you can think of.

They are very cheap and are light to carry. However, light weight comes with a price, as these saws do not have the same horsepower capacity as traditional table saws. These saws are smaller and have lesser horsepower.

Considering this limitation, these portable table saws can only work on small to medium tasks and are not capable of cutting hard woods. Currently, the prices of these portable saws are in the range of $350 to $1600 depending on the manufacturer, specifications and usage.

Those at higher prices and known brands tend to work similar to the conventional builder saws so you may wish to splurge on them.

Portable bench-top table saws make good quality cuts. Despite their small size and power limitations, these table saws ensure that you get the quality cuts you need for your small to medium jobs.

However, they can be less accurate than traditional and more expensive saws. Lesser power and weight also hinder you in getting a stable workplace and may affect the quality of your work.The materials used for making portable table tops still need to be improved.

You can modify certain things to make them work more efficiently and similar to traditional table saws, which are heavier and have higher horsepower.

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