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Must-Have Table Saw Jigs

Must-Have Table Saw Jigs

Must-Have Table Saw Jigs

A table saw is an important, if not the most important, piece of equipment in any workshop. It has a lot of uses and can be quite versatile if properly used. At its heart, the table saw is a simple piece of equipment.

However, to make better use of a table saw, jigs are often added. With the addition of table saw jigs and fixtures, your table saw can be one of the most versatile tools in your shop. With simple jigs, you can cut tapers and scarfs, straighten warped lumber, and make finger joints and field panels.

There are different types of table saw jigs that can be used to unlock your table saw’s full potential. Depending on what you want your table saw to do, here is a list of some very useful jigs:

Cross Cut Sled

Probably one of the most important and much-used jigs is the cross-cut sled. It is an essential addition to your jig collection if you want to level up your woodworking skills. . A cross-cut sled is more accurate than a standard miter gauge and is, ultimately, safe to use when making cross cuts.

You can cross cut a wood piece at 90 degrees more accurately or cut 45 degree miters flawlessly and with ease.

However, you may have to have a few cross-cut sleds to accommodate a range of cross-cutting needs. A different variety of the standard cross-cut sled is the zero-clearance cross-cut sled. This jig allows you to cut chip-free cross cuts with ease.

Miter Sled

Another great table saw jig to add is the miter sled. It allows you to make 45 degree angles consistently without fuss. A miter sled is great for making frames and other wood pieces that require gap-free corners.

Taper Jig

Another must-have table saw jig is the taper jig. It can be quite frustrating, not to mention dangerous, to rip table legs or to work on project pieces at an angle. The taper jig allows you to create an angle easily, quickly and, most importantly, safely. It also allows you to create angled wood pieces that are identical to each other.

Box Joint Jig

Now this is a pretty neat little jig to add to your collection. A box joint is a very effective and strong joint, and adds a professional touch to your projects. With a box joint jig, you are able to create uniform box joints with ease.

Tenon Jig

Although it is not a standard fixture, a tenon jig is great if you want to be able to join two pieces of wood. Having this jig will allow you to cut tenons quickly and easily on your table saw.

Pattern Routing Jig

A pattern routing is an ideal way to make identical parts without much work. Attach this jig to your table saw rip fence and attach your pattern to your piece. Using this jig is the perfect technique to create and cut multiple, identical pieces accurately.

Feather Board

This is probably one of the most common table saw jigs used. It looks like a wooden comb that has flexible teeth on one end. This table saw jig is easy to make by using just about any piece of wood.

Movable Backer

Now, this one is really just a block of wood that works similarly like that of a miter gauge fence except that it is movable.

Jointer Jig

Having a jointer jig turns your table saw into a jointer, expanding its use to more than just cutting. The jointer jig allows you to get clean, straight edges from which you can make other joints, do glue ups or just simply create clean edges.

Jigs are essential tools to have. With so many jigs and fixtures, the possibilities and things that you can create using your table saw can be limitless. It can also help make you a better woodworker, allowing you to create more complex wood projects without too much work.

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