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Different Designs of Table Saw Outfeed Table

Different Designs of Table Saw Outfeed Table

Different Designs of Table Saw Outfeed Table

No matter how large of a space your workshop has, it seems that there can never be enough space for your tools, your accessories or even to just move around in. Being able to move around comfortably and have your jigs and accessories within reach while working is the perfect work set-up.

Not only does it make things easy for you while you work but it also increases productivity and efficiency ten-fold.

Because of this, the need for a table saw outfeed table that can do more than just provide a workspace for assembly and finishing has increased. Gone are the days when an outfeed table was just an ordinary extension of your table saw. There are now several designs of table saw outfeed table in the market today that you can choose from.

Mobile workstation

Nothing says ease like being able to move your workstation anywhere you want it. With having the table saw and all your gear on an outfeed table, the weight of it can be pretty heavy, limiting your workspace to where you have set your table.

A mobile outfeed table allows you to move your workstation anywhere within your shop or outdoors without having to move around all your jigs and accessories piece by piece. Being able to move your outfeed table also allows you to create better space for when you are working on projects that require a larger space than what you have.

When you need more open space around the table saw, you can just push it out of the way. One of the main challenges you may have with a mobile outfeed table is keeping the table height low enough but still up on its casters.

Wide Outfeed Table

Now, if you have ample space in your workshop, a wider table saw outfeed table would be perfect. This allows you more work space. With a wider outfeed table, you can use wider wood pieces or materials without having to jiggle and shimmy your way around the table saw.

It has a huge capacity for better work. This also allows you to have so much more storage for all your tools, jigs and accessories. You can pretty much store just about anything on this type of outfeed table. You can also add cabinets for some space-saving storage. Organization is also a breeze with a wider outfeed table.

Storage Outfeed Table

If you are one of those who are a little bit anal when it comes to organizing your tools then a storage outfeed table will fit just well with you. This type of outfeed table often makes use of its width and depth efficiently. It makes efficient use of space for storage with drawers and cabinets throughout.

Much like the wide outfeed table, you can store almost all of your jigs and accessories in this table, making for more efficient work. This type of table saw outfeed table may not be the best option for those with very limited work space but the storage capacity of this table more than makes up for it.

Compact Outfeed Table

A table saw outfeed table can pretty much take up more than half of your workspace if you have a small space. With a compact table, you have the extra space you need without having your workshop looking like it is stuffed to the gills.

Folding Outfeed Table

This might be a more popular design of an outfeed table because you can flip it up when you need to have extra space and fold it down when you do not. It gives sufficient room to keep long rip cuts.

A folding outfeed table is also a great space-saver when it comes to limited space. This allows you to properly use a space in your workshop when you are doing woodwork and gives that space back when you are not.

In choosing the right outfeed table design for you, the amount of space for you to work in is something to definitely consider along with storage and efficiency.

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