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Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

There are a great number of different accessories that you can get for your table saw, some of which are absolutely necessary and some which are optional, yet still useful. Let’s talk about all of the different accessories that you can get, what their uses are, and what some of the best options for each type of accessory are.

​In Feed & Out Feed Tables

​An infeed table is an extra table that you can use to rest long pieces of wood on as you feed it through the blade. This adds stability, ensures accurate cuts over manual feeding and helps reduce kickback.

On that same note, an outfeed table is just as important when working with long pieces, it will keep the already cut wood on a solid surface and prevent it from falling to the ground, if this is a long piece of wood you won’t run the risk of the wood pivoting upwards due to the weight of the cut end, which can cause cutting inaccuracies and kickbacks.

If you are working with long lengths of wood, then we suggest you use and in feed and out feed table combination to ensure safety and accuracy.

Table Saw Accessories

A Feather Board

A feather board is an accessory that you can clamp down into the slot beside the saw blade as well as to the fence. A feather board can be held in place by using springs, clamps, extension bars, and even magnets.

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

The point of a feather board is to firmly hold the piece of wood against the fence while you are cutting, thus eliminating the need for you to use your precious hands to hold the wood against the fence minimizing the need for you to get your fingers anywhere close to that spinning blade.

To get technical about it, the feather board when it is attached to a fence, is known as a hold down. We would highly recommend using feather boards to keep your fingers safe, especially when working on smaller pieces that will have your fingers placed close to the blade.

Options To Consider

Table saw feather boards are not very hard to come by. The selection is quite large, so here are a couple that might suit your fancy.

Kreg PRS3020 True-FLEX Featherboard, Pack of 2 – These, are some standard feather boards that you can go with. These things are made of durable plastic, are easy to install, they come with wedge lock technology to make them very versatile, and they work with pretty much any miter slot, T-slot, and fence system.

Adjustable Table Featherboard – This is a highly versatile feather board that is great for providing you with an accurate and clean cut by holding the wood firmly against the fence. This thing features expandable miter tracks for optimal holding power, plus it has easy grip knobs so you can securely lock it into place in just a few seconds.

A Rip Fence – Table Saw Fence System

The fence is the piece of equipment that is parallel to your table saw and forms somewhat of a wall.

The distance between the fence and the saw blade can be adjusted to a specific distance, the point of which is to hold the wood firmly in place in the exact position at which you want to make the cut at.

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

Therefore, if you want to cut a 3-inch piece of wood, the fence will be placed exactly 3 inches from the blade to ensure a straight and safe cut. This is such a crucial accessory to have that virtually every table saw you buy will come with one, but there are models which don’t, in which case it is recommended that you buy one.

Options To Consider

We have a few decent options for you to look at, so here they are.

Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence with Long Rails – The Shop Fox Fence is a good option to go with, the fence itself has 79-inch rails and provides you with up to 50 inches of rip capacity. This thing is made out of high-grade materials, it has a wide right angle design for accuracy, it has an easy to lock lever, a magnified cursor lens, and it fits virtually any table saw.

Vega PRO 50 Table Saw Fence System: 42-Inch Fence Bar, 50-Inch to Right – Yet another great rip fence option to consider is the Vega Pro Fence System. This thing uses pre-existing holes in your table saw top for easy mounting, it goes 50 inches to the right of the blade and 10 inches to the left, the mounting system allows for ultimate accuracy adjustment, and the whole thing is made out of rugged materials, all things which make this fence system a prime choice.

A Table Saw Insert

Sometimes referred to as a zero clearance table saw insert. These are either wooden or metal inserts that fit perfectly over the table saw blade, with the width and length of the opening in the insert being just big enough to let the saw blade come through.

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

The point of a table saw insert is to prevent slices or chunks of wood from jamming in between the blade and the throat plate, or in other words the open space at the sides of the blade, between the blade and the rest of the table. Having slices of wood jam in this area can cause damage to the blade and the table, make the blade spin slower than it should, and can cause excessive wear and tear too.

A Couple Options To Look At

There are many different table saw inserts out there, so here are just a few prime choices that you can select from.

Delta Table Saw Zero Clearance Insert By Peachtree Woodworking PW955 – This is a wooden table saw insert that easily fits to virtually any table saw. It does not come pre-cut, which is an advantage because you can make the ideal cut into it just by passing your saw blade through it once. It’s a great option that helps to prevent tear out.

DELTA 34-154 Standard Table Insert for Right Tilt UniSaws and Contractors Saws – This is a good pre-cut option that you can go with. It already has the saw hole cut into it and can fit any 10-inch blade, not to mention that it is very simple to mount.

A Splitter or Riving Knife

A riving knife is a vertical piece that rests right behind the blade and is no wider than that blade. The purpose of a riving knife is to prevent the kerf from closing on the back of the blade.

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

In other words, it helps to split the separate pieces you have just cut apart from each other, something that helps reduce kickback and also stops the workpiece from rotating before you are done cutting. A splitter is a very convenient tool because it makes cutting any piece of wood much more accurate, easy, and quite a bit safer too.

MJ SPLITTER Table Saw Safety Splitter and Riving Knife Alternative for Zero Clearance Insert– This is a great pop in splitter option to go with. It helps to prevent kick back and easily pops into wood or plastic zero clearance inserts. It is very easy to install and take off, it has mini feather board technology to keep your workpiece against the fence, and it has been voted as one of the best splitters around.

Splitter Steel Pro System, 1/8'' Kerf, SP-2 – Another good splitter option to go with is the Splitter Steel Pro System. These things are made of solid stainless steel for durability, they are coated with a polymer plastic for a smooth operation and easy gliding, and they help to keep pressure on the wood and fence for an accurate and kickback free cutting experience.

Micro Jig SP-0125 MJ Splitter, 1/8-Inch – The final splitter option we would recommend is the Micro Jig MJ Splitter. These things are very easy to install, they feature mini feather board technology for safety and accuracy, and they can be mounted directly on plastic, wood, or phenolic zero clearance inserts.

Incra Miter/Express Miter Sled

An Incra / express miter sled is a tool that you can use to keep a miter firmly locked into place at any given angle.

This may not sound like much, but it ends up being very handy because it allows you to make precision cross cuts with ease. Moreover, making multiple angular precision cross cuts of the same angle is made easy thanks to the fact that your miter gauge can’t move around.

Even better is the fact that an express miter sled can effectively double the range of a miter so you can work on larger pieces without issue. These things are also very convenient because they usually work with any standard miter slot that a table saw comes with.

able Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

Some Express Miter Sleds To Consider

To give you a better idea of what you are looking for, here are a few different express miter sled options you can choose from.

INCRA MITEREXPRESS – This sled helps to increase the cross cut capacity of your miter gauge by up to 24 inches, it also provides you with zero clearance for safe cutting. It features special dock and lock technology to help it stay in place securely. This thing also comes with hold down clamps, and twin T-slots for the most accurate cross cut ever. The T-Slots retaining clips and the adjustable miter bar are both removable.

Rockwell RW9266 BladeRunner X2 Cross Cut Sled– This is also a good option regarding cross cut sleds. This thing effectively lengthens the cross cut range of your table saw by close to 20 inches.

The Rockwell BladeRunner also features a pre-cut cutting groove for easy alignment, it gives you enough room to safely place your hands during cuts, and making 90-degree cross cuts is made as easy as can be. On a side note, this model cannot accommodate angular cross cuts, only 90-degree cross cuts.

Incra MITER5000 Miter 5000 Table Saw Miter Gauge with Sled and Telescoping Fence – This is a very advanced option to go with regarding cross cut sleds. This thing can accommodate both straight and angular cross cuts with ease. It features a great miter gauge that can go anywhere from 90 to 45 degrees, which is combined with a superior fence to keep the wood straight and on the right path while making cross cuts.

The fence itself is telescopic in nature, thus increasing the possible size of your work space for increased support, plus the fence can also be removed if you so desire. This thing extends your working range by a fair amount, locks firmly into place with ease, and features precision angle indexing for the ultimate in accuracy.

Table Top Lubricant

Lubing up your table saw table might not be the first thing that comes to mind, yet it is something very useful to do. A good table top lubricant will make your table top smooth, as well as easy for things to glide across. The application of just a little bit of lube will help wood slide smoothly and steadily through the blade as you work.

A Good Lubricant Option

Glidecote V207501 Woodworking Aerosol Lubricant – In our opinion, one of the best table saw table top lubricants to go with is this one, the Glidecoat Aerosol Lubricant. This stuff is very effective in providing your table saw with the smooth gliding action that you need to make accurate cuts, it is CARB compliant, and it is ideal for almost any type of saw table. Even better is that this stuff lasts up to three times longer than your conventional lubricating wax.

Saw Jaw Blade Tool

Another accessory that you might want to consider getting with your table saw is a saw jaw blade tool, especially so if you use your table saw a lot and if you change blades often.

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

A saw jaw blade tool is a piece of table saw equipment that lets you easily change your blades and store them too. It’s a tool you can used to keep your blade covered while you exchange it for a different one, something that will keep both your blade and your fingers free from harm, plus you can also store your saw blade within the thing when it is not in use.

Many saw jaw blade tools also come with a right angle miter so you can get a great miter experience each time you use it.

A Few Good Saw Jaw Tools To Look At

We’ve got a few different saw blade changing and storage tools for you to look at so you can get a better idea of what these things are all about.

Milescraft 3401 BladeChanger Saw Blade Removal Aid – This is a good choice to go with because it fits standard 8 inch, 10 inch, 7 ¼ inch, and dado blades. Therefore you can change virtually any saw blade with ease. This thing has an open design so you can view the blade while changing it, it has a large grip handle to give you a firm grip while changing the blade, and it has hanging holes so you can hang it somewhere close at hand. Changing your saw blade is made easy thanks to this innovative tool.

Big Horn 19177 12 Inch Table Saw Blade Holder – Unlike the previous option, which is purely a blade changing tool, but not a storage tool, this is purely a storage accessory. The Big Horn is a great accessory to have for storing your table saw blades. It can accommodate blade sizes up to 12 inches, and it has a convenient hanging hook so you can hang it somewhere in your shop.

Blade Runner Storage Case – This final option is also a good choice for saw blade storage. It can hold blades up to 10 inches in size, it is made out of high impact plastic, and has a bright orange color to make it easy to find. The only downside is that it is not a blade changing tool, just a storage device.

JessEm Mast-R-Slide Cross-Cut Table

Yet another great accessory to have in your table saw arsenal is the JessEm Mast-R-Slide Cross Cut Table. This is an awesome tool to have if you do a lot of cross cuts, especially on larger items. This cross cut table effectively extends the left side of your table saw table to give you much more room to work on.

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

This thing can be adjusted to fit the height of your table top perfectly, plus it can extend up to 48 inches to give you all of the room that you need. This is a tool that is very useful for doing cross cuts on very long pieces, especially because it can be adjusted to be at virtually any angle to make perfect angled cross cuts, just like a miter gauge, but much better and more versatile.

In essence, this is pretty much a miter gauge that extends very far outwards and features its own fence for ultimate precision, plus the fence can even be removed to give you more room if need be. This thing is so great that it attaches right to your table saw top and does not even need its own base.

A Few Good Cross Cut Table Options

Here we have a couple of prime sliding cross cut tables for you to look at.

SawStop TSA-SA48 Sliding Crosscut Table Attachment – This is a very high quality sliding cross cut table that will let you slide the wood through the blade with ease. This thing features a miter fence that can be adjusted up to 60 degrees with an easy turn of a knob to provide you with accurate straight and angled cross cuts.

The table can be adjusted to match the height of your table saw top and extends up to 58 inches to effectively make your workspace larger to accommodate large work pieces. This thing also has large flip stops as well as magnified lenses to help provide you with accurate cuts that can be repeated time and time again.

Rockler Table Saw Crosscut Sled - This is another prime choice to go with regarding sliding cross cut tables. This is a thick MDF table with a melamine coating. It features easy to read ½ degree graduations with a hair line indicator, plus a protractor at the end of the fence to ensure accurate cuts every time.

There is also the fact that the right edge of this sliding table functions as a zero clearance chip breaker. The whole table can be inserted right into the miter slot for easy mounting, the fence can be easily adjusted regarding the angle, and it helps to enlarge your workspace too.

Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build Dead On Accurate Crosscut Sled – If you are all about building your own accessories and tools, then this is the way to go for you. Simply put, this item does not include the actual sled but is actually a detailed instructional tool which teaches you how to build your own sliding cross cut table.

Rocker Table Saw Out Feed Table

Something quite useful to have in your table saw arsenal because it effectively extends the length of the table top, thus allowing you to work on larger pieces with ease. A rocker table outfeed table, simply put, is an outfeed table that can fold down for easy storage and for a compact nature.

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

This thing is useful because it provides support on the end of the table, or in other words, it extends the table so that longer pieces of wood are still supported once they have been cut and leave the original table saw top. This is great because it helps provide you with more accurate cuts and it keeps you safe as well.

A Few Rocker Table Saw Out Feed Tables To Consider

There are a few different options that we would definitely recommend when it comes to outfeed tables, so here they are.

Rousseau 2721 Outfeed Table Support Kit for Bosch 4000/4100 Table Saws – The Rousseau is a very good option to go with because it easily attaches to Bosch table saws. This model features extender legs to let you adjust the outfeed table to match the height of your table saw top, and it effectively extends your outfeed by 48 inches.

SawStop OFT30-CNS-000 30-Inch Outfeed Table Assembly – The SawStop outfeed table is another good choice to consider. It provides you with an additional 30 inches of outfeed space, it has adjustable feet to provide a level workspace, and it is designed to work specifically with the T-Glide Professional series fence system. This thing is durable, easy to set up, and will definitely help you work on longer items with ease.

Fine Woodworking Tablesaw Outfeed Cabinet Plan – This is not actually an outfeed table, but it is a plan for an outfeed table cabinet. Simply put, this is a building plan for a large size outfeed cabinet that will extend your outfeed by several feet, and will also provide you with ample storage space and work room too.

Superbar Table Saw Gauge

The next accessory that you should definitely invest in if you are an avid table saw user is a table saw gauge. A table saw gauge is an important thing to have because it lets you calibrate your saw blade accurately to within a thousandth of an inch with ease.

It is a tool that is used to make sure that your saw blade is properly aligned, perfectly straight, tuned up properly, and calibrated with ultimate precision.

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

A tool like a Superbar Table Saw Gauge makes keeping your blade in the proper position as easy as can be, something that helps to increase the efficiency of the blade, helps provide you with more accurate cuts, and also keep you safe by reducing kickback.

A Few Options

Having a good table saw gauge is very important to keep your blade finely tuned and in the right position. Here are some of the best choices to keep in mind.

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools SG-WP Saw Gauge – This item is great for both saw blade and rip fence alignment. It automatically adjusts to the width of the miter slot for an easy fit, it has a lockable plastic case, and the dial indicator has a 1-inch travel indicator as well as a rotation counter too.

This thing features 1/1000 inch graduations and has an adjustable scale and bezel as well. This is one of the best options around for keeping your blade and fence properly aligned.

iGaging Digital Saw Gauge – Yet another good option of gauge is the iGaging Saw Gauge. Unlike the previous option which is analog, this model is digital, making it easy to read and operate. This thing will help you adjust your saw blade alignment and your fence alignment quickly and easily. It also features a locking mechanism to simply fit into the miter slot and stay there for as long as you need it.

Grizzly G2859 Table Saw Gauge, Left Swinging – This is a simple to use blade gauge that lets you easily align the blade to a perfect 90 degrees, plus it allows you to align the blade to a certain angle for perfectly accurate angled cuts. However, the one thing it can’t do that the other options can do is to align your fence.

A Sliding Table

Of course, your table saw comes with a table which the wood rests on as you slide the wood through the blade, but those require you to actually move the wood across the table, something that can cause inaccuracies due to shifting.

A sliding table is a great thing to have because it attaches to the side of your table saw top, which effectively extends the side of your table saw up to 30 inches to give you more room to work on larger pieces and get really accurate cross cuts.

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

However, the best part of a sliding table is that instead of you having to move the wood to get it through the blade, you simply have to slide the table along the rails, thus reducing the movement of your wood and also increasing safety. In essence, it is an accessory that makes cross cuts easier to execute and more accurate too.

Shop Fox W1822 Sliding Table Attachment for W1819 and W1820 Table Saws – This is definitely a good sliding table option to go with. It is made out of precision machined industrial grade aluminum, it features a telescopic fence, it is easily installed, and has a 0 to 45-degree miter adjustment option. This thing has 2 support posts, and effectively increases the size of the workspace that you have to use.

Charnwood W619 Cast Iron Table Saw C/W Sliding Carriage & Extension Tables 24V0 by Bigger Saving – This is in fact not a sliding table option, but a whole table saw with a sliding table extension. It is made out of high-grade materials, it helps you make cross cuts and angular cross cuts with ease, it has an excellent table, a high powered motor, and all of the features that you will ever need in a table saw.

A Jointer Clamp – Clamp Set

Straightening out crooked wood used to require a jointer, something that is not very convenient if your main tool of choice is a table saw, but things can change. With something as simple as a set of jointer clamps you can turn your normal table saw into a jointer.

Table Saw Accessories – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Project

These clamps hold your wood in place firmly to let you straighten it. To be exact, these clamps hold a piece of crooked wood against one that is already straight, to let you straighten the crooked one, giving you the already straight board as a cutting basis. This is great because it completely eliminates the need for you to buy an overly expensive jointer.

A Good Option To Consider

Jointer Clamps are not very complex tools, but that does not mean that choosing the right ones is easy. Here is one of the best options that you can go with.

General Tools 846 E-Z Pro True-Edger Jointer Clamp Kit – This is a great jointer clamp kit that you can go with. This kit is a great alternative to buying a whole jointer, they feature a swinging arm to allow you to rip wide boards, and they let you straighten a board with two passes in just a few minutes flat.

A Saw Basket

This final accessory that you should keep your eye on may be something simple, yet also something very useful. A saw basket is a high-quality basket which you can use to store all of your other accessories with ease, and some even come with clamps so you can hold them down to your table saw top. It’s a very nifty thing to help stop you from losing various accessories.

Table Saw Accessories: Conclusion

​As you can see, whether it is a cross cut sled, a sliding table, an in feed or out feed table, a blade changing tool, a basket, or any of the other accessories we have discussed, all of them have their own uses and benefits. Some of these things you may be able to live without and some you definitely can’t.

The trick is finding the right accessories for you, something which we hope that we helped you with. If you are going to buy any type of accessory, we would recommend that you look at the various options provided above before you look at anything else.

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