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What is a scroll saw used for

What is a scroll saw used for

Who doesn’t love intricately carved woodwork or even intricate patterns etched in metal? Ever wondered how it’s done? Does it take a real artist to manage it? What kind of tools and equipment are needed to deliver fancy patterns, which can woo even the most non-creative of persons with their attractive appeal?

You’d be surprised to know that there’s actually a small tool that can do all this, and with a minimum of effort. It’s called a scroll saw, which is basically used to cut intricate patterns and curves in wood, metal, hard plastic, or even other materials. Now that, of course, is a very simplistic way of putting it.

Here, we’ll take you through, in some detail, into the uses of a scroll saw. We’ll try to answer the question of what a scroll saw is used for in a simple and easy-to-understand manner for your convenience. (http://www.ehow.com/facts_5059004_scroll-saw-used.html).

Of course, take into account that not all scroll saws can do all these jobs as effectively. It depends on the kind of blade used, the price bracket of the saw, and its other features. So the high-end models will probably have all these uses, or at least the majority of them, while their poor cousins will have limited uses.

what is a scroll saw used for

It cuts intricate patterns and more

While cutting intricate patterns is the key use of a scroll saw, which may be electric or battery-operated or even manual/pedal-operated, there are more fancy uses of it that you won’t find much talked about. But this little fact doesn’t make the importance of using a scroll saw for these other things any less.

So you’ll find it a useful tool for cutting not just close and complex curves, but also pierce cuts, which any person working with wood will tell you, is not something that many saws can do. And it does a much better job of it than other power tools can do.

Artisans’ special tool

Even though you generally will not find it to be part of a wood worker’s tool kit, a scroll saw is actually a great tool for artisans. Unlike a band saw, which can cut curves into wood, but lacks accuracy, a scroll saw is wonderfully precise in cutting intricate designs and patterns, and does the job in considerable detail.

Further, it can go where a band saw can’t, quite literally. That is, you’ll find a scroll sawpretty useful for cutting through harder materials too, and with great accuracy at that. The fact that it doesn’t vibrate like a jigsaw also adds to the appeal of this little tool, which can deliver some of the most delicate design inlays in wood, metal and even hard plastic.

What is a scroll saw used for

Product showcase

The product show case you can get with a scroll saw is widely impressive, indeed. And mind you, it’s not just about wood, with which you make not only intricately designed furniture and large pieces, but also small figurines etc. You can use a scroll saw to create beautiful designs even in metal, shell, bone and stone. This means it’s an excellent tool for jewelry makers, who love working with a variety of materials and trying to create designer pieces from all of them.

As fancy as it comes

As mentioned earlier, a scroll saw is all about creating fancy designs and patterns, mainly in wood but also in other material. So you can use it to cut through ivory, plastic and more, with its special edge lying in creating pierce cuts (a donut kind of a hole in the center).

Miniatures are just great with a scroll saw which is also used extensively for wood mosaic (intarsia) and inlaid veneer (marquetry). So the next time you see a fancy little miniature statue or an intricate piece of jewelry designed to near perfection, it’s probably the handiwork of a good quality scroll saw.

Check out the link (http://www.shopsmith.com/academy/scrollsaw/) to embark on your journey of discovery into all the fancy things a good scroll saw can do for you. The list is impressive, to say the least, and it will send you rushing to buy a scroll saw, if you haven’t already done so.


As a cross between a jigsaw and a band saw, a scroll saw is equipped with some amazing features that enable it to deliver several unique and out-of-the-ordinary uses. A wood maker’s pride and a jewelry maker’s passion—you’ll find a scroll saw creating some of the best inlaid patterns and intricate designs. Given the simplicity of its use, it’s remarkable what a scroll saw can really do and how useful it is as a true artisan’s tool.

The advantage it has over other power tools in terms of its ability to create pierce cuts adds to the universal appeal of ascroll saw. It’s there for you to experiment with a whole lot of different patterns and designs, for use in a variety of places on various occasions.

The best part of using a scroll saw is that the effort required to create all those beautiful patterns, lines and designs is minimal. The scroll saw is designed to deliver a hassle-free experience to the user. It sits easy in the hands, and is not at all complex in operation. And with its precise and accurate functioning, the possibility of going wrong with the patterns really doesn’t exist.

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