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What can i make with a scroll saw

What can i make with a scroll saw

When it comes to some real fancy items of wood work (sometimes even in metal and other material), there’s very little that a scroll saw can’t do. The range and variety of attractive products—from playthings to decorative stuff—that you can churn out with a scroll saw, is absolutely amazing.

So whether it’s a toy you want to make for your kid or a decorative name plate to hang outside the entrance to your lovely home, or even a nice bit of jewelry to wear on those special occasions that you wish to make memorable, the secret to all of it lies in a small tool called the scroll saw.

Simple to operate, with a high degree of accuracy and precision, backed by quality safety features, a scroll saw can be a useful thing to have around if you love playing with wood etc., and enjoy witnessing the transformation that can be brought to a piece of raw material with total ease.

We’ve listed here a few things you’re likely to enjoy making with a scroll saw. It’s all about how creatively you’re able to use your imagination and how effectively you’re able to operate a scroll saw. Some of these are inspired by http://realitydaydream.com/12-creative-projects-using-your-scroll-saw/, while others are sourced from different links.

What Can I Make With a Scroll Saw?

Wooden toys

We all, as children, have had our share of favorite toys, which, more often than not, included a small toy horse, complete with its four legs, tail, and the rest. While it’s difficult to say who could have made these little playthings all those years ago, one thing we can surely tell you—a scroll saw can do the job, and a great one at that.

Designer mirrors

A designer mirror, such as a scalloped mirror, can be a great addition to your dressing room, or alternatively, you can use it as a centerpiece on your dining table, where your guests will simply enjoy its looks. Here again, it’s a scroll saw that you need to create such a mirror.

Name plates

Fancy name plates, both in metal and wood, are becoming increasing popular the world over on account of their attractive and intricate designs. All you need to make your own special designer name plate is a scroll saw, and nothing more.

Maps and topography

Whether it’s geographical topography you want to show through a map or the various states in your country, a wooden map is a great way of going about it. The 3-dimensional effect of such a map, made of finely cut wood, is much more impactful than a map drawn in two dimensions on a piece of paper.

What can i make with a scroll saw


Like name plates, plaques also now come in an exciting variety, with great designs and patterns. They are an excellent gifting option too, apart, of course, from being a valuable decorative asset for your home or other property. So, pick up your scroll saw right away and make a nicely shaped plaque to stand out on the outside of your property.

And talking of plaques, you can make some beautiful customized ones too—as a special memento for some special person on a special occasion. It will always remain with them as a memento from the past, and they will never forget that you gave them such a special gift.

Sign boards

There are many kinds of sign boards, and not all of them need to be or are fancy. Most sign boards are, in fact, pretty straightforward, with no designing to augment their appeal. But sometimes, when you do come across a fancy sign board you’d be left wondering about the creativity that went into its making. Actually, it’s no secret that the creativity has probably come from a scroll saw, which means you can recreate it too, with total ease.


Somehow, a monogram, even the most prosaic, carries with it the image of royalty and class. So what lends it that classiness? Is it the wood? Yes, that’s definitely part of what goes into making a superb monogram. But an equally important, if not more so, part of it is the intricate fancy design that’s inlaid in the monogram. Need you even ask how that design was made? Of course not. We all know that only a scroll saw is capable to giving such a design.


Whether it’s ivory or bone or shell, or some nice piece of metal, these materials have the flexibility and capability of being easily transformed into glorious jewelry pieces that will adorn yourself or a loved one for any occasion. Exceptional as they are, not all these jewelry designs are really complex to create. Most of them can, in fact, be easily made with a little bit of effort and practice. All you need, apart from these attributes, is that small tool called the scroll saw.


​Clearly, there’s a lot you can make with a scroll saw. What you need is the tool itself, with the right set of blades to match your requirements. With a scroll saw in hand you can create some of the most imaginatively exotic patterns to enhance the appeal of your personal self or your home. A little bit of vision and a lot of imagination will help you do the rest.

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