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Uses for Scroll Saws

Uses for a Scroll Saw

Basically, a scroll saw is used for making intricate patterns or designs in wood, metal and other materials. As a precise and accurate tool, a scroll saw does an excellent job of creating both simple and complex patterns with equal ease. It’s easy to use and easier still to store and maintain, since it’s quite a compact little tool, requiring very little space to set up.

From curves to joints

A scroll saw is used to cut both curves and joints to deliver beautiful and intricate patterns in wood, metal, hard plastic and even certain other kinds of material, such as bone, shell, etc. You need to be sure that you’re using the right kind of blade with your scroll saw, because the blade is what will decide how well your scroll saw can do a certain job, with accuracy.

Ideal for pierce cutting

Unlike other varieties of saws, a scroll saw can actually handle pierce cutting quite well. That’s probably why it’s so popular these days to create wood handicrafts for decoration etc. With its ability to drill a hole at the center of the material that you’re planning to develop into a special artifact, a scroll saw helps create intricate patterns better than most other tools available on the market.

It’s all about detailing

Naturally, you can’t really think of a good intricate design unless there’s some amount of detailing associated with it. And that kind of detailing is possible only with a scroll saw, mainly on account of the precision and accuracy with which it works.

That level of accuracy is just not available in a band saw, nor does the scroll saw end up vibrating like a jigsaw. What it does is give a smooth and pleasurable experience to anyone—from a beginner to a hobbyist to a professional—wanting to experiment with interesting patterns in wood, metal, hard plastic, etc.

Sheer design variety

This is probably the best part of a scroll saw. The small size of this compact little tool actually belies the sheer range and variety of designs and patterns it can help you churn out, with total ease and no hassle at all. From figurines and silhouettes to 3-D and 2-D patterns, from jewelry and ornaments to plaques and name plates, a scroll saw can create almost anything that you can envisage to decorate your house and hearth.

Miniatures, in particular, are easily and effectively made with a scroll saw, again because of its high level of accuracy and precision. So you’ll find this to be a common use for a scroll saw, especially by artisans who specialize in such creations.

As far as jewelry is concerned, the fact that you can use a scroll saw to cut through shell, bone, ivory, and a whole lot of metals too, makes it ideal to create attractive ornaments and jewelry, fit to wear on any kinds on occasions.

Other things you can do with a scroll saw is to use it for creating wood mosaic (intarsia) and inlaid veneer (marquetry).

The website provides details of some of the uses you can put your scroll saw to. As it shows, there’s actually an amazing variety of things you can make with a scroll saw, when it comes to attractive designs and patterns.

Amazing features for multiple uses

As a cross between a jigsaw and a band saw, a scroll saw is equipped with some amazing features that enable it to provide quite a few unique and out-of-the-ordinary uses. A wood maker’s pride and a jewelry maker’s passion—you’ll find a scroll saw creating some of the best inlaid patterns and intricate designs you could ever imagine. Given the simplicity of its use, it’s remarkable what a scroll saw can really do and how useful it is as a true artisan’s tool.

The advantage it has over other power tools in terms of its ability to create pierce cuts adds to the universal appeal of a scroll saw. So, all those beautifully designed creatives you see with that attractive hole in the center are the handiwork of a scroll saw. The same holds for all those intricately designed jewelry pieces that you simply can’t resist holding in your hands and trying out at least once, even if you’re able to keep yourself from buying them.

The multiple uses of this small and compact tool need to be seen if they are to be believed, and till you’ve personally enjoyed the pleasure of holding a scroll saw creation in your hands, you’ll find it difficult to believe it’s actually capable of doing all that it claims to do.

Uses for scroll saw


While it’s been around for a few centuries, the scroll saw is now making a comeback as an artisan’s special tool that can be used to create a great variety of items for ornamentation and adornment. You can use these creations to beautify your home, or even yourself (as with ornaments and jewelry).

Apart from the uses you’ve seen above, you can also check out ( to come out with some more unusual and appealing patterns to make new kinds of things for yourself or your family. Perhaps it’s a cute little dollhouse you want to make for your daughter. Try making it with a scroll saw and see how your little one will simply love it from the word “go.”

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