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Patterns for Scroll Saw4

Patterns for Scroll Saw

While your own imagination and creativity will eventually guide you through the process of making exciting patterns with a scroll saw, there are websites galore to offer you numerous options, which you can simply adapt to your own taste and needs. The range and variety of innovative patterns they give you is amazing, to say the least.

So whether your taste veers around the simple or intricate, or is more aligned to the complex intricate, you’re sure to come across something that matches it, when it comes to designs and patterns for scroll saw. And with just a little bit of ingenuity, you can turn any of these patterns into showcase products for your home.

Patterns galore

Among the various websites offering scroll saw designs and patterns is the website, which claims to be the “home of all scroll saw patterns.” It’s not at all a tall claim, considering the sheer number of patterns it provides and the variety it gives in terms of the skill levels required to create those patterns. Hence, you’ll find a pattern or more to match virtually every skill level—from beginners to the more advanced. What’s more, it provides tutorials for creating the patterns too.

As for the patterns included, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the sheer diversity. The site has virtually everything, from animals, insects and birds, to boxes, flowers, cats and dogs (why that is kept distinct from animals is a mystery of sorts), clocks, handy items, holiday themes, mythical and religious, nature and outdoor, inspirational, lighted projects, nautical/fish/fishing, plaques, special occasions, wildlife, sports and recreation, word art, and transportation.

From chessboards to large chess pieces, birthday hangars, bird houses, and even air plant holders, there’s a lot on this site to keep you happily engaged as you experiment with your personal scroll saw to create your own special patterns.

Patterns for scroll saw

Making it easy

Another website that makes creation of scroll saw patterns quite a game is the It doesn’t just offer you patterns and designs, but also tells you how to go about making them, and the best kind of wood for different patterns. You can use these reference designs and the guidelines to create boxes, shelves, decorative items, and much more.

The pattern variety includes, but is not restricted to, ancient Greek and Roman ornaments, animal designs and silhouettes, art noveau designs, architectural 2D patterns, band patterns, builder’s hardware designs, Celtic patterns, decorative flourishes, famous people vector patterns, floral designs, and geometric vector patterns.

Other designs include Heraldic 2D design elements, interlace patterns, mathematical 2D patterns, molding profiles, Oriental ornaments, circular/rectangular/square ornament vectors, other forms of ornament vectors, ornamental border designs, ornamental design elements, repeating patterns, ribbons and scrolls vector packs, scroll saw and fretwork vector patterns, sign and sign end patterns, silhouette vector, stained glass patterns, stencil designs, symbols and historic illustrations, vectorized illustrations, and wood carving patterns.

Among the popular patterns are the furniture scroll saw patterns and the door hinge plate patterns, indicating how useful scroll saw designs can be to decorate the house. Then there are some really modern ones, such as stencils of flowers in baskets, a collection of rose designs, picture moldings, two hobgoblin illustrations, seashell design elements, 28 patterns of human heads with various facial expressions, strap work ornaments, medieval maze patterns, geometric tracery pattern and spiral hepta 2D design.

scrollsaw patterns

Of figures and faces

What makes unique is that the focus of the patterns here is on figures and faces—human, animals, birds, and more. The free-for-use patterns available on this site have a special appeal to them, with their sketch-like look to engage your heart and mind. What’s more, they’re pretty easy to create, if the creator of the site is to be believed (and there’s no reason not to).

The stark black and white effect of the patterns contained here is bound to make you look at them at least twice, if not more. And if you really have a penchant for good designs, you’re going to find it difficult indeed to move on from this site without trying out at least some of these exotic creations.


If you can imagine it, you can create it—that seems to be the premise on which most scroll saw patterns are made. Looking at these patterns, it’s clear that there’s really nothing that you can’t make with a scroll saw when it comes to attractive and intricate designs. Actually, if you look around you, you’ll see scroll saw patterns in almost anything and everything. The designs are inspiring and something you’d like to have around you, whether you’re working or simply chilling at home.

Apart from the links provided here, you’ll find a whole lot of other options out there, on the World Wide Web, from which you can choose. Your ultimate choice would, of course, depend on various factors, not the least being the skill set for which the patterns are provided. In fact, you’ll find certain sites providing patterns only for beginners, while there are others that do a more exhaustive job by giving designs for all levels.

And then there’s the “free” aspect, which you’d naturally want to be sure of, before going for any particular website for your favorite patterns. After all, who wants to spend a lot of money on buying patterns when there’s such a huge variety of free patterns available to choose from!

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