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MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw

MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw with Case Review

The MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw is durable, with best-in-class power at 11 amps, innovative cut visibility, and the industry’s largest cut capacity at 5 inches x 5 inches. It’s made with brand-exclusive composite material and crush zone barriers that provide long-lasting, robust protection.

Features of the MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw with Case:

  • Powerful 11-amp motor with constant power technology (CPT) for maximum performance and durability.
  • Job site armor technology made with an exclusive composite material, and crush zone barriers for long-lasting, rugged protection.
  • All-metal direct drive provides maximum tool life. Less servicing is required than with a chain drive.
  • Gear protecting clutch extends gear and motor life by absorbing high-impact forces caused by blade lock-ups.
  • Constant power technology (CPT) guarantees optimal performance by maintaining cut speed in the toughest applications.
  • Revolutionary cut visibility. Slimmer housing enhances the user’s line of site, thus delivering superior cut accuracy.
  • Balanced body design lets the tools rest naturally and comfortably in your hands.
  • At 14.5 pounds, users have more control over the band saw, letting you work throughout the day without fatigue.
  • LED light illuminates the work surface.
  • Tool-free locking adjustable shoe. The button-actuated tool-free design allows you to quickly adjust from an extended shoe to no shoe in seconds.
  • Largest cut capacity. Has the ability to cut up to 5 inch x 5 inch material in one pass, while adjustable shoe provides less tool rotation when cutting material above 5 inches.
  • Debris protection system ensures longer pulley life by removing debris when in use.


  • Compact and lightweight nature. Because of its lightweight design (it comes in at only 14.5 pounds), you can have more control in maneuvering the band saw without feeling fatigued after a hard day of work. Designed to be well-balanced, so you can handle it comfortably while working.
  • Superior cutting prowess. Given the extensive uses it offers, a 5-inch x 5 inch cut in just one pass tells of this tool’s superior cutting ability.
  • The slimmer motor housing is also a plus, giving the user an increased line of site during use. This is important not only for accuracy and productivity but also for safety.
  • The LED work light ensures accuracy in delivering precise and shapely cuts, even when working in poorly lit areas.
  • Reduced downtime. With the tool-free adjustable shoe that offers a three-position, button-actuated design, users can quickly adjust from an extended shoe to no shoe, which is commonly required in all major cutting applications.
  • Innovative technology. The constant power technology (CPT) feature maintains the correct speed while working on a difficult application while job site armor technology is made of brand-exclusive materials for long-lasting product protection. These features ensure optimal performance while offering product protection that most band saws lack.
  • A carrying case is included for portability.
  • Comes with variable speed.


  • The blade is not included in the kit and has to be bought separately.
  • Corded
  • According to a number of people who reviewed this product, a bigger throat would have been better.


The MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw with Case falls on the pricier end of the band saw spectrum, but it does come loaded with innovative features — like the job site armor technology and constant power technology (CPT) — and a 5 inch x 5 inch cutting ability, giving it far more functionality than your typical band saw. However, a major drawback is that the blade is sold separately, so you have to budget extra to buy the blade.

Product Comparison

ProductMILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw with CaseBosch BSH180-01-RT 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion 2-1/2 in. Portable Band Saw KitDEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit
Dimension8.1 x 22.4 x 15.4 inchesLength: 13 inches14.2 x 23.5 x 7.9 inches
Weight14.5 pounds8.5 pounds15 pounds
Warranty5 years1 year3 years
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