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Alchemilla Vulgaris

Alchemilla Vulgaris is an herb. Medicines are usually made from the parts that grow above the ground. Alchemilla is used for different stomach problems, diabetes, mild diarrhea, water retention, muscle spasms and swelling (inflammation). Some patients use it as a gargle for sore throat and sore mouth.
Alchemilla Vulgaris can be used by women as well. It helps to cope with heavy or painful menstrual periods as well as with the symptoms of menopause. Alchemilla can be applied directly to the skin to improve wound healing, stop bleeding or treat eczema, ulcers, or skin rashes.
It is important to mention that Alchemilla Vulgaris can be used for treatment of lower-abdominal ailments by adding it to bath water.
How does it work? Well, Alchemilla contains special chemicals called tannins. These are main substances in the herb which help to treat so many diseases. Other widely used names for Alchemilla vulgaris are bear's foot, nine hooks, lady's mantle, or lion's foot.

Alchemilla vulgaris, also known as lady's mantle is a plant growing in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It is called Lady's mantle because it treats many women's problems such as menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms. It is even claimed to restore virginity.
Alchemilla vulgaris is usually safe for people who take it by mouth, however, some researchers claim that this medicine is harmful for the human liver as it can easily damage this organ. Besides, very little research has been done on this herb, so nothing can be said for sure when it comes to its safety.
It should be mentioned that lady's mantle is not recommended to people with blood problems such as high blood pressure, clots (thrombosis), and anemia. This ingredient may deepen these conditions. Besides, those individuals who are scheduled for surgery are prohibited to use lady's mantle at least during two weeks before surgery.

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